International cycling tour promoting the construction of cycling trails within the project BICBC – 18 October 2014, Mohács—Beli Manastir

More than 150 people rode the cycling trails built within project BICBC. Groups who started from Mohác and Osijek met at Lake Šećerana in Beli Manastir where they were greeted by mayor of Beli Manastir Ivan Doboš, mayor of Mohács, Székó József and deputy of the Osijek-Baranja county prefect, Željko Kraljičak. Medals and awards were awarded to the most skilled and the fastest cyclists.

Cycling trails were tested by cycling tour participants of all age. The youngest ones, pupils of elementary schools from Beli Manastir and Belišće, led by the members of the police station in Beli Manastir tried being skilled but they also learnt something about the safety on the safe cycling polygon. The older ones, but also the faster once arrived at Lake Šećerana from Osijek. On the trail long 55 kilometres they did four quick tests and the faster ones were awarded in four categories: up to the age of 34, from 34 to 44, over 44 and female category. At the same time, a group of approximately seventy cyclists started for Mohác. Along the way they were solving a test knowledge about the sights which are specific for this part of the region. They arrived all together at Lake Šećerana, in Beli Manastir, and there they were also joind by couple of cyclists from Beli Manastir.

„Welcome to Beli Manastir, to Lake Šećerana and to renovated Monitoring Centre which, in its new looks, will be open as a cycling info centre and it will welcome cyclists who will come to Beli Manastir from different directions, just like today. This project is only one in the row with which we try to develop cycling trails in Baranja and connect it with different locations in Hungary to create the best possible infrastructure for the development of cycling tourism. You rode for miles of new trails which were built within the project BICBC, and we hope that in the future, within future projects, will be even more of them“, the cyclists were greeted by the mayor of Beli Manastir.

The project BICBC – cross-border cooperation for the development of cycling infrastructure in the Danube-Drava region is founded by the European Union through the IPA program of cross-border cooperation Hungary-Croatia. The purpose of this project is to support sustainable tourism and environment in the Mura-Drava-Danube region. The leading aplicant of the project is City of Mohác (Republic of Hungary) with croatian partners: City of Beli Manastir, City of Belišće, Osijek-Baranja county, Croatian waters and associated partner City of Osijek.